About Us

Hi!  My name is Mattie and I'm the founder and sole employee at Miss Mattie Bleu's.  I dreamed of sharing my creativity and having an outlet my whole life but dreamt up the idea of Miss Mattie Bleu's in my dorm room back in 2018.  In 2019, I began with selling scrunchies and t-shirts at my university's farmers market and on Etsy, within 9 months I began my journey with the Manhattan farmers market and haven't looked back.  I absolutely love and cherish the support and connections I have made in my community and within the small business community.

I started sewing and creating as a child along with my parents and grandmother.  The 3 of them were avid sewers and instilled in me the love for it.  Throughout high school I made my own clothing and items that I would rather make than buy.  This small dream has become so much larger than I could ever imagine.  Thank you for your support!